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Why Youth Assembly? The Goal:
The youth today, is focused more towards self-esteem, recognition, self-success in a competitive world - where life is all about- "winning and losing" and '' passing and failing " ! There is success, but less of self-actualisation. Individuals feel that success comes somewhere, sometime in life and"Sharing" can take place only after earning crores ! We need to realize that most of the Natural Recourses are actually available to us freely and we are creating an artificial scarcity by accumulation or conspicuous consumption. When we "Share "without inhibitions - there would be all-round prosperity! If we don't share, we are also responsible in creating the unrest in society. After all, if we are going to leave our neighbors hungry, while we enjoy uninhibitedly, we are definitely creating a hatred and vengence in their minds! The privileged youth should we aware and sensitive to this responsibility....This is the goal of the Youth Assembly!
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