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Past Youth Assembly
Dr. J. Geetha Reddy   Mrs. Karuna Gopal   Mrs. Amala Akkineni
Mr. Jayprakash Narayan   World Wildlife Fund   Lead India 2020
Spiritual Insight to service   Syed Sultan Ahmed    
Dr .Geetha Reddy
Minister for Tourism and Information, Government of Andhra Pradesh.
Dr .Geetha Reddy - Minister for Tourism and Information, Government of Andhra Pradesh.
Key Note Address
"India is a young country", said Dr.Geetha Reddy. She said that being a young country, it has a long future. And for the future to be prosperous, the youth of today has to realize the important role it has to play in India 's development. Dr. Reddy enlightened the Youth Assembly 2008, that even though India is a country of different religions, languages, etc., we are still one. She expressed how countries with the same religion like Iran and Iraq , or England and Ireland have been in strife. But we are like many flowers with different colors and hues but still of the same garden.

"The soil of this country is great!" she said. This was the land on which Buddha walked, and Mohandas Gandhi became Mahatma Gandhi. Such is the strength of this land, she said. Dr. Reddy inspired the youth when she mentioned what Baba once said, "Journey is simple, and it shouldn't be I, Me, and Myself. It should be from I to We." And remembering this, she ended by saying, "Our past is our heritage, we are the present and only our work now can make the future better."
Mrs. Karuna Gopal
President Foundation for Futuristic Cities.
Mrs. Karuna Gopal - President Foundation for Futuristic Cities
Incredible India and an India with incredible problems", these were the two pictures put across the Youth Assembly 2008, by Mrs. Karuna Gopal. She is the president of the Foundation for  Futuristic Cities and the Finalist of the Lead India Contest organized by the Times of India
In regard to the first image, she sparked a new thought process when she emphasized that India was once just considered back support for processing data. But today it is a knowledge centre, destined to progress. And to prove this cited several  examples. In regard to  the second image, she spoke about the two problems that every developing country faces - Growth and Youth related problems.
Mrs. Gopal shared with the Assembly  that  growth is  a double edged sword. With benifits  like technology and comfort growth also creates problems such as Pollution. She informed and educated the assembly on the causes and solutions to these major problems.  She enlightened the audience about some major youth problems, like Condom usage, Dieting and depression. She incredibly took a step forward and also informed some amazing ways to tackle them. On the outset it turned out to be one of the most inspiring and thrilling conversations of the 1 st Youth Assembly of Hyderabad.
Mrs. Amala Akkineni
Founder Blue Cross of Hyderabad , Animal Activist
Mrs. Amala Akkineni- Founder Blue Cross of Hyderabad , Animal Activist
Amala Akkineni spoke on Environment Management, Global Warming and Climate Change. And told youth how they could contribute reducing the carbon footprint. Some of the measures she suggested include going vegetarian, car pooling, planting saplings, rain water harvesting, etc. as some measure to help reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and avert climate catastrophe.
Standby and low power mode use by computers and consumer electronic devices used in houses consume about 500 kWh per year per household. Adding further she informed that in the year 2004, 31% of the total Carbon Dioxide emissions were from the buildings sector where electricity is used for lighting and air conditioning and typically fossil fuel (such as coal, petrol, diesel, natural gas, etc.) is used for building heat. Each Kilo Volt of electricity generated from coal requires 3 Kilo Volts of thermal energy, and results in the release of 1 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere.
Hence, the future building designs and retrofits must maximize the use of solar daylight harvesting systems and the use of photoelectric sensors to dim lights when daylight is available. Energy used by computers and consumer electronic items that are perpetually on or in standby mode waste significant amounts of electrical energy. About 40% of the energy used in the residential sector is consumed by these and other household appliances.
From animal welfare, now Amala Akkineni is now spearheading a moment against Global Warming. She has even attended workshops, seminars in US on the subject and would like to take up this cause to greater heights in Andhra Pradesh in association with former US Vice President, then star of 'An Inconvenient Truth', now Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore who found ways to focus the world's attention on climate change.
Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan
President Lok Satta Party
Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan - President Lok Satta Party
"What is the difference between good and bad?" this simple, yet complicated question sparked off the discussion with the Founder President of Lok Satta, Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan. Dr. Narayan explained that 'Good' means to harmonize one's dreams and desires, promoting public good. On the other hand, 'Bad' means becoming a nuisance to the public. Dr. Narayan continued on, with the law and its enforcement. He told that in the real world, people deviate from what is good, becoming self-centered and hurting others. This is the reason, for which the Religion and Court of Law exist; to make it easy to do good and difficult to do bad.

Resuming to the topic of discussion, "CORRUPTION" Dr. Narayan quoted that Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are probably world champions in political corruption. "With states becoming more powerful, unheard of amounts are being paid by politicians to become legislators. 73 per cent of the population is below 35 years of age. You are in the vast majority. 92% future belongs to you. We the oldies hold just 8% of the future. So my dear young friends it is in your hands how you want your rulers to rule you. Raise your voice. Don't suffer in silence, he gave a call", thus he ended his speech.
Mr. Syed Sultan Ahmed
Founder Activity India
Mr. Syed Sultan Ahmed - Founder Activity India
Mr. Syed Sultan made the assembly aware and alert about what is the present scenario of the world.
He opined Youth today do not understand themselves, they change themselves for others, and they take wrong decisions in life. Youth today start charity at a young age, but they are not found after the age Youth wholeheartedly establish NGOs, but they don't take anything seriously and thus these NGOs fail to run in the longer run. This is all because they didn't have clarity in the work, they take up, which we get to know by having measurability in the work they do. Thus whenever we do something youth today should be focused in whatever they do, do goal setting activity and have accountability for it.
It is not important to do big things to bring about big difference in the society, but even small things can make a big difference if the youth take up the task. For being an overall personality youth today should have the four basic components a) Satisfaction in the work they do, b) Be wealthy both financially and internally, c) Get recognized for the work they do, d) and most importantly be healthy and fit to do anything. All these components are inter-related. Thus determination in the work and being healthy can help the youth to achieve success and even the other three components. It is not important that when we have finished with fulfilling our basic needs, security concerns, recognition factor that is the time people generally think of doing service and being religious. This is a clear proof according to the famous management theory of Maslow's Need For Hierarchy. Instead of that why can't we spend some quality time on our holidays or rest days celebrating service like any other event the world celebrates.
To give a clear cut picture of what is being discussed; Mr. Syed Sultan conducted an activity on goal setting which clarified all the doubts relating to this topic and bestowed everybody with a new energy to do things. Thus a talk with various statistical data, rich experiences and real life stories made the listeners understand the concept of understanding oneself and one's duty by Mr. Syed Sultan Ahmed brought about a change and gave a successful kick start to the mission of first Youth Assembly of Hyderabad of Celebrating Service.
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