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1. Name of the Group - AIESEC HYDERABAD
  Name of the Project - Balakalakaar.
Project Description
Balakalakaar is an initiative taken up by the local office of AIESEC, in Hyderabad . This event is aligned to the cause of building an environment that helps improve the quality of life that is faced by the underprivileged children in our city. It is the creation of an opportunity to help them discover and develop their potential in art forms of various types. It promises to be a one of a kind and unique event; conducted at a much smaller scale in the year 2005, engaging about 150 underprivileged kids at an NGO Don Bosco Nav Jeevan, moving to around 3500 children from across the city in the year 2006 and 5000 children last year. Balakalakaar is by far the world's largest painting workshop ever held for underprivileged children, across the entire globe! It strives to work towards a cause that is top priority in our local environment of the recent times.
2. Name of the Group - Earth Warrior
  Name of the Project - ACT NOW
Project Description
want to create awareness about the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and importance of climate change.I would be doing this with the help of a global movement called I am planning to do this with the help of a lot of organizations -rotary,NSS,art of living,IYCN and also going to schools and colleges.
3. Name of the Group - Mission 5
  Name of the Project - Mission 5
Project Description
Mission5 is a social organization that was started as an initiative by students at a college in Bangalore . The sole objective of Mission5 is to spread the message of reaching every hand that needs support both emotionally and monetarily. This idea which motivated the students at VNR Vignan Jyothi Institute Of Engineering And Technology lead us form a small group of like minded people who are ready to drive the mission 5 successfully.
4. Name of the Group - Passionate
  Name of the Project - Youth Led Change
Project Description
Passionate was launched to involve the Youth into community service and social responsibility.We have adopted a Government schools and two slums and organize medical camps on a regular basis, and distribute medicines and Food to the needy. We also run a program at the adopted Government school to teach the students life skills and take up personality development programs so that they grow up to be better citizens of our country. Other than this project we also organized several activities such as The First Cycling marathon of Hyderabad , youth rallies and youth forums. Please visit for further details .
5. Name of the Group - TREE Foundation
  Name of the Project - Lake Conservation Project
Project Description
The TREE Foundation is focusing on restoring a few selected lakes in Hyderabad to its original capacity. Under this project the organization adopts a lake & executes a three step restoration program. Cleaning, Scientific study & Restoration. By conserving these lakes we aim at developing Bio-diversity hot spots in urban centers. Native species plants planted around these lakes will ensure a stable population of birds, rodents & reptiles. We have adopted three lakes; Miyapur lake, old Alwal Lake, Kharkhana Lake.
6. Name of the Group - The rising phoneix
  Name of the Project -  Sustainable development through globalization
Project Description
To eliminate poverty and hunger in India then the whole world by bringing people together making them work together towards a common goal by making them mutually beneficial and developing their standard of living by giving them the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills to live a life which is sustainable for the future of the world. Our mantra Charity + business= development +prosperity.
7. Name of the Group:BHADYATH
  Name of the Project:SMRITI - Guiding to Better Life.
Project Description
Bhadyath - an NGO started by a group of students in Visakhapatnam with a strong zeal to strive for the society in the best possible way. Started a year before Bhadyath was able to achieve a remarkable change in the lives of many sections of the society. It has been a great source of inspiration and trendsetters for the youth around the corner of Andhra. SMRITI, the flagship project initiated by Bhadyath is to guide the rural young towards a brighter opportunities and life. The main activities concerning this program is ,empowering rural government school students by conducting career awareness camps and seminars pertaining to personality development.Bhadyath members set out to remote ,rural government schools around visakhapatanam and conduct this program. As on day through SMRITI, a total of 25 govt schools were covered under this program, impacting the lives of significant number of students in a span of one year. SMRITI - also focu ses on physically challenged children ,Bhadyath team members boost the morale of those specially abled children by continuously interacting them .SMRITI , is making them independent by bring out their latent talents and marketing them like paintings,candles,wall mats etc. As a part of SMRITI we have adopted a special school and looking after its problems. Apart from this we are supporting society by conducting peace walks, Polio camps, Social awareness programs etc.
8. Name of the Group:UNITED- For A Cause
  Name of the Project:DROPS OF LIFE
Project Description
Brief Write up on the Project:As the name suggests our whole organization runs with the main back drop of UNITY. We believe in the concept that each and every problem curbing the current society can be tackled if there is proper co-ordination among the people. We are here to redefine social welfare as social responsibility . Coming to the project, we have kick started our mission with the \"DROPS OF LIFE\", a one of its kind project. It is a blood donation chain .It is a mobile blood chain which can be of great use in cases of emergency. Besides encouraging blood donation among youth another main reason behind starting this project is due to malfunctioning of many major blood banks with illegal licenses and also no proper transport services available in cases of emergency. The cost of per unit blood is also out of reach of common man.
9. Name of the Group:Just Change
  Name of the Project: Just Change
Project Description
Brief Write up on the Project: Just Change is a dynamic youth established NGO formed by likeminded individuals which is a community centric NGO. The primary aim is to the build the community by encouraging young people to lead and be the change (YOUTH EMPOWERMENT) . It yearns to be the element of change in the society by educating the under privileged children and strongly believes that the future of the country lies in the well-being of these children.  All our projects presently concentrate on the underprivileged children of Alwal.   Just Change has taken up several projects such as Childrens Carnival, Summer Camps, Youth Empowerment besides others
10. Name of the Group:Sahaaya
  Name of the Project:Saving Earth
Project Description
One word that we are coming across every single day in the recent times is \"Environmental Pollution\". In the face of increasing population, increasing industries and decreasing resources, it is an urgent need to address the issue of environmental degradation. Though the task might look like an avalanche it can never be fulfilled without taking a step towards it. And so our project aims to eliminate hazardous substances from the earth and to recycle it. Starting with our own school campus we have started on a drive to avoid plastic and recylcle all the paper waste. This project is our small contribution to a global issue with a hope to make a difference. And we have taken up this project because we firmly believe that it is now \"Time for Action\"!!
11. Name of the Group:WAYE ( World Alliance for Youth Empowerment )
  Name of the Project: ISAYRUN
Brief Write up on the Project
Indian Students And Youth Representative to the United Nations. We are setting up a United Nations Youth Association in India to enable sending a Youth Representative from our country\'s youth to represent our views in the UN General Assembly in New York.
12. Name of the Group:For the Society! Group
  Name of the Project: Autism
Brief Write up on the Project
This is a project where we are working with autistic children. Befriending an autistic child is probably the best thing we could give him/her and that\'s what we are trying to do through our project. Also, we are doing a comparative study between two different autistic children.
13. Name of the Group:Diffusion
  Group Category:College
  Address For Correspondence:
  Name of the Project:Curbing the evolution of Geriatric Desolates
Brief Write up on the Project
We are neither an organization nor a social community. We are just a small group of students who are trying to create awareness amidst today's youngsters about the increasing number of old people who are being abandoned and ignored by their very own blood. We had visited a few Old Age Homes lately and after having conversed with the old Grandma's and Grandpa's there, we were literally driven into an emotional battle out of which we are still trying to come out. It is this force that has led us to take up such a campaign. As an initiation to this we have made a short documentary through which we foresee to transform today's youth into tomorrow's responsible children.
Number of People involved in the project :  
Group Leader Name* : Raghuveer.R
Contact Number :  
E-Mail* :
14. Name of the Group:
  Group Category:School
Address For Correspondence:
Abhyasa Residential Public School, Toopran, Medak district,
Andhra Pradesh
  Name of the Project:
Brief Write up on the Project
ARPAN, is the iniotiatiative of Abhyasa Residential public school to inculcate the sense of social responsibility amongst its students. This programme aims at the upliftment and development of the 300 household Toopran village. Driving through various aspects of the society, this STUDENT MANAGED programme, helps the young generation to get exposed ot the plight of the needy and the under privileged. Formed on the lines of the Sathya Sai Seva Organization, this programme aims to accomplish theschool vision, "Samasthaah Lokaah Sukhino Bhavanthu!"
Number of People involved in the project :  
Group Leader Name* :  
Contact Number :  
E-Mail* :  
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