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WHAT IS CELEBRATING SERVICE and Why? - Introduction.
Majority of the Youth prefer sports and entertainment as it gives them recognition, fame and identity. Unfortunately it is a competitive world. To survive, to be heard and noticed one needs to be smarter than the others! In this business of outsmarting each other, the youth are being emotionally and spiritually drained. 'Service' is a wonderful, sublime platform for the youth, on which no competition is necessary. The opportunity to serve entails the person who serves and the served to succeed and it is a win - win situation. Nevertheless the service need not pass without recognition. It is the aim of the Youth Assembly to celebrate the Service of India's Youth.
Celebrating Service Contest

Celebrating service is a first of its kind contest. It aims at unleashing the power of the Youth and empowering them by involvement into community service.

» Schools and Institutions of Higher Learning (B- Schools, Engg Colleges , Degree Colleges )
» Youth Organizations
» Youth run NGO's
» Individuals
» Corporate Houses
» Voluntary Organizations
Apply for the contest
We invite all young people making a difference to apply for the contest. The best 10 teams would be short listed and will get an opportunity to share their project at the Youth Assembly. All the rest will get an opportunity to showcase their projects by setting up stalls at the Conference arena.

For Registrations please contact Mr. Chaitanya at + 91 - 9989613749 or email him at .
Winning Teams
» All teams get an opportunity to set up a stall at the Youth Assembly and showcase their project.
» 10 best projects would get an opportunity to present their project at the Youth Assembly.
» 10 best projects would feature on the cover story of our magazine partner.
» 10 best projects would be awarded with citations and mementoes.
» 3 teams would get an opportunity to share there project on the Radio and regional channel.
» The three best projects would be judged and awarded as follows.
1 st Prize - Rs.50, 000
2 nd Prize - Rs.30, 000
3 rd Prize - Rs. 20, 000
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