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About The Youth Assembly
Abhyasa Residential Public School , near Secunderabad was founded by a few alumni of - Sri Sathya Sai University of Prashanti Nilayam, to inculcate social and spiritual consciousness among young Indians. The United Nations Youth Assembly had recognized the community service undertaken by Abhyasa students, in Toopran village and chose our student Mr. Chaitanya for the Youth Excellence Award at the United Nations youth assembly in August 2007.

Genisis Of Youth Assembly of India.

During our participation at the United Nations Youth Assembly at New York , in August 2007, we were inspired to interact with youth who were making a great difference not only in their communities, but also in the remote villages of Africa . In contrast, we realized that community services lack visibility in our Indian universities. Inspite of a few inspired youngsters coming forward, there is a huge gap that needs to be bridged to involve the youth who constitute about half of India 's population - into social responsibility.

The Youth Assembly is a conglomeration of youngsters who discuss issues related to global warming, poverty, corruption, human values, universal education etc. and also sensitize their peers who are not part of the same to follow suit.
Youth Assembly of Hyderabad - 2008.
The first Youth Assembly of Hyderabad was organized in September 2008, which brought hundreds of youngsters from various colleges of Hyderabad together to discuss social, political, and human values. Thirty projects were initiated by youngsters in various areas, not only in Hyderabad but across India .

Youth Assembly of India - 2009.

Last years' participation and outcome has inspired us to organize the Youth Assembly of India in October 2009 at Hyderabad . Projects taken up by various youth NGO's will be shared at the forum to inspire several other youth to take up new ones.

Administrators and social entrepreneurs will address the two day assembly to explore new ideas and avenues for the youth to make a difference. The objective of this humble effort is to make the youth of India socially and spiritually conscious and make social responsibility and social entrepreneurship a mass movement in India .
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