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Welcome to the Annual Youth Assembly of India
October 11 and 12, 2009 , Hyderabad, INDIA
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The youth today, especially in India , is focused more towards self-esteem, recognition, self-success etc.thereby creating a" world of competetion" - where life is all about- "winning and losing" and '' passing and failing " ! There may be success , but little of self-actualisation. Individuals feel that success comes somewhere, sometime in life and " Sharing " can take place only then ! We need to realise that most of the Natural Resourses are actually avalable to us freely and we are creating an artificial scarcity.
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The Youth Assembly is a conglameration of youngsters who wish to make a difference to their world ! This concept is yet to catch up in India and perhaps it is a first of it's kind attempt in India itself ! The objective of the conference is to instill Social responsibility in the Youth, Sensitize them towards issues such as global warming, poverty, corruption,human values,universal education etc.
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Conference Date :

11th-12th of october 2009
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Sri Satya Sai Nigamagamam
Andhra Pradesh
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Abhyasa School
Passionate Foundation
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